Rock, paper, scissors.

I'm from Thailand.

He's suffering from the effects of overwork.

Her skirt is so long as to reach the floor.

We stayed for three nights.

I'll survive.

I have a new email address.

Trey rescued Jill's dog from the burning house.

I need an analgesic.

He got dressed and went outside.


This is an exquisite little painting.

We know that Tal is here.

I am glad I met you.

You must provide for a rainy day.

We spent the whole day chatting.

That's no longer possible.

Prince Charles has big ears.


They work for a packaging company.

I don't have to listen to that.

He got assistance from above.

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Everything that is too stupid to say, is sung.

Describe the process used to make the estimate of annual operating expenses.

I'd be more than happy to drive you home.

I hope the fog will go away soon.

You don't actually believe that nonsense, do you?

Why don't you try to clear up this whole thing for me, then?

Liber felt responsible for Cathrin's accident.

I'm easy.

She glanced through the magazine.

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Where were you 3 years ago?

I'm pretty sure Antony's happy here.

I'll be mad at you if you keep doing that.

I don't want to sound negative, but...

It has been a nice trip overall.

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I saw Marek three different times today.

Slow down. It's not a race track.

You have something in your pockets, don't you?

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I've always had an interest in the paranormal.

What does it concern you?

Don't treat me like a kid.

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I'm enthusiastic.


I'm mad at you.


Richard was not the man of my dreams.

Do you think anyone was here while we were out?

It's going to be six dollars because it's international.

He washes the car every week.

Why did I have to be the one who told Holly he was fired?

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I thought you knew Meehan.

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What subject do you think he is interested in?


He bought himself a rope and threw himself behind the moving train.

This is as good as it gets, kids.

"Do you mind if I smoke?" "Not at all."

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He had a near-death experience.

Nothing would give me greater pleasure.

Would you like some sugar?

Are you still alive, Sysko?

We hope to lower the tariff.


Norman probably thought I could speak French.

Let me exchange seats with you.

We shouldn't even be here.

Were you really surprised?

Batman is riding his batmobile.


I tried to get up at six this morning.


It appears to be a wedding.

Jinny can't work.

He believed in the supreme power of the law.

I've been waiting for this day forever.

I can't make an exception.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Trang asked if she could share my bed.


I'm very busy these days.

What is it exactly?

She got kicked upstairs to an executive position.


Sonja gave Randall some money.

Jaime isn't stoned.

In general, it may be said that he is a genius in music.

Gideon looked at Wendy's sketches.

He didn't speak to me at all.


Does Raul have a passport?

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I think it important that we keep our promise.

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I've been in a similar situation.

Martin never seems to get sick.

The Iranian nuclear program has just been attacked by malware.

Jean is an extremely good-looking man.

We have a job to do.

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Bernard is taking his time.


Ilya is convinced that Lucifer is unfaithful.


How long have you been in Australia?

Do you have anything to eat?

I thought Terrence was in prison.


We've got one hour to find him.


I know it can't be helped.

Did you call a tow truck?

We can't do this without you.

I have absolutely no intention of telling Teruyuki what you've just asked me to tell him.

They haven't seen each other since the divorce.

A helicopter is able to take off and land straight up and down.

Even if he does something bad, he'll never admit it.

God preserve us!

I think about it sometimes.

Her cheeks burned with shame.

This'll work.


I didn't vote in the last election.

You don't know what I had to put up with!

From what time to what time is your office open?

He is said to have been born in Africa.

The statistics are in our favour.

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I just need more time with him.


Liza scarcely ever gets any exercise.

I thought Ozan said it was his dog.

Don't leave here until you have done it.

That doesn't sound right.

Nicolas did a good job organizing the workers.


The danger has passed.


Maybe you should tell Jesse.

I'll be a good girl.

The hardware store is near the park.


Fletcher and his friends spent the afternoon painting the barn.


We went for a walk on the beach.

On the grammar of Esperanto Claude Piron noted "It's very rigorous and requires discipline -- let us just think about the n-ending -- but within the framework of that rigor it gives us so much freedom!"

Hotta is very determined, isn't he?


She is very proud of her stamp collection.

I don't know everybody in this school.

You can't just walk around and start slandering people.

The little girl was crying for the teddy bear.

Bush Jr. never lied to Americans.

I see this.

You'd better hurry.


The author is also an outstanding humorist.

Skeeter hugged Troy tightly and never wanted to let her go.

I still need to renew my passport.

When I was a kid, I often went to the beach to go swimming.

They're our friends.

I've been concerned about you.

Cathryn has changed a lot since high school.

Does he play the piano?

I think Sergiu is optimistic.


My family is more important to me than my job.


I live in Tokyo.

It's really worth it.

How many cows are there on this farm?

We have all the details.

Canada and Mexico both share a border with the USA.

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What will you miss about Boston?

Clay has gone to the store.

A gentleman would never do something like that.

It will not do to blame him for the accident.

She's married to a dentist.

I have a credit card.

The students receive a 15,000 euro scholarship for their return trip and daily expenses.

There really is such a thing as Internet addiction.

I argued with him.

Many children are yelling annoyingly.

Why would you want talk to Novo about that?

You have to contribute your fair share.

We can utilize the resources of this vast region by distributing tasks among ourselves.

Marlena wondered what happened to Roberta.

I think I have a theory about that.

I take a bath almost every day.

Why are you acting like a child?

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Make certain that he returned home safely.