I thought Angela was Canadian.

Torajiro made it clear that he was in love with me.

I don't think you want to know the answer.

The pot calls the kettle black.

Maybe I should've done this sooner.

The campaign has succeeded and he has won the election.


I told him not to come today.

Have you decided where you're going to celebrate Christmas Eve?

I went to the hospital to visit Kevan, but I wasn't allowed to see him.

I owe everything I know to her.

Jim likes to play the drum.

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Now, I want you to listen carefully.

As far as I know, he is American.

Children are to the playground what leaves are to the forest.


Ellen does not speak English.


He is no longer living here.

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This is insufficient.


I'd never betray William.

The path was narrow.

But what is it that I am? A thing that thinks. But what is a thing that thinks?


My father and I go fishing once in a while.

You have a right to be happy.

Not all of us who have dyslexia mixed up "d" and "b" when we were little.

There seemingly was an awful storm in the night. There must have been quite a commotion, but I didn't hear a thing.

Cary needs help badly.


Don't fritter your newly earned money away!


It's not against the law.

Why won't she listen to me?

That belonged to them.

How many stops from here?

It rained hard during the morning.

She loved the apartment.

Silk is very precious.

He basically supported the free market system.

Let me know.

Maybe we should just leave.

We just can't stand each other.


The first of May is a holiday.

I wonder if Naoto will be at Aaron's party tonight.

Van has left the city.

I thought that was fantastic.

What a wonderful present!

Nobody knows as many bedtime stories as the god of the dream.

Not to mince matters, I don't want you to come to our party.


What foods, if any, do you avoid eating?

Go straight, then turn right.

Sriram will be able to solve the problem, I think.


I started liking Romain as soon as I met her.

Muiriel is twenty years old.

You should have known better than to lend him money.


No one noticed you.

I just didn't want to be there.

Syd helped his dad shovel the driveway.

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Do you remember what time we were supposed to be there?

Today, most people in the world condemn slavery.

Now my life will be better!


We want revenge.


From that conclusion the family could be divided into two groups.

We know that Louie was strangled.

Why were you even there?

Let's choose a name for the child.

The river has become much cleaner than before.

He lost hope and killed himself with poison.

They thought it would be too expensive to build a factory here.

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From the very first time I saw her, I knew she was different.


John was the first to receive that prize.


Josh is very afraid of snakes.

I still have to try.

Does Delbert think it's funny?

Keep Stanislaw out of trouble.

I think you and he wanna be alone.

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President Jefferson was angry.


My question requires a response.

We consider public libraries a legitimate citizen's right.

I'm very tired and want to go to bed early.


I want my money back and I want it back now.


I love you all so much.

Ahmet learned shorthand from George.

He only reads prose.

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Vassos and Emil have sex about once a week.

They rolled along the big road and they rolled along the little road until they were way out in the country.

It's a popular idea.

That's real nice.

Dan and Linda were high school sweethearts.


I insist that exceptions not be made.


You are wrong.


I'd like to introduce to you the gentleman I told you about the other day.

We are encouraged to use our imagination.

The dog kept barking at his reflection in the mirror.

The door is open now.

So what are you saying, Socorrito?


Every good restaurant has vegetarian options.

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Do you think Jeffie is handsome?


Even though Eddy is fat, she's quite pretty.

Today I learned that I have accomplished one of my goals.

My eyes were intent on the scene.


I'm about tired of this quiet life.

Bonnie is going to be late for class.

We must maintain the friendly relations between Japan and the U.S.


He can read well enough.

If I were to tell you the truth, you would be surprised.

Foreign products arrived on the market in large quantities.

He called us.

What is your native language?

We had a deal!

We know each other so well that we can almost read each other's minds.

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He failed to catch the 8:30 train.

I think that as long as you worry about profit and loss, it can't be called love.

I cannot but feel sorry for him.

He is Ethiopian.

O Hamlet, thou hast cleft my heart in twain.


Daniele seems to be happy about something.

The mason is having lunch in his truck.

It's a very sad story.

I have a different opinion on that subject.

Toby's truck was slightly damaged.


Valeria must have heard about what happened.


Please help me pick out a hat which matches my new dress.


Let's just keep our fingers crossed.

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I am a Berliner.

Marika is Finnish, but she is fluent in German.

Donovan needed it.

It seems that he was half asleep then.

If you're not careful, you'll make another mistake.

Randall cries easily.

All this is, of course, highly suspicious.


Where's the rest of the money?

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Seenu didn't seem surprised by Darrell's news.


They never know what to say.

Chris put the pie on the kitchen windowsill to cool.

I believe the choice is clear.

Tell me at once what you want to do with the tinder-box, or I will draw my sword, and cut off your head!

They didn't take credit cards, and we had to leave the place.

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She's not the only beautiful girl in the office.


I look forward to my birthday.


On going to bed, he fell asleep.

She's not even really pretty.

Has anybody ever thought of this?

He amuses us with his funny stories.

Can the matter wait till tomorrow?

Israel began to shoot.

The buds are beginning to show signs of color.


Is your husband a picky eater?

So it is being repaired at the moment.

A more barbarous form of these rejoicings took place among the rude peoples of the north where great blocks of wood blazed in honor of Odin and Thor, and sacrifices of men and cattle were made to them. Mistletoe was cut then from the sacred oaks with a golden sickle by the Prince of the Druids.

Do you know what's in that box?

She hated her husband.

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The diver wanted to test the limits of his equipment.

His anger is understandable.

He is a carpenter by trade.


We've got a good team here.

Okay, Trent, you can open your eyes now!

The building with the reddish brown roof is a church.