How well do you think you really know me?

Eventually, he changed his mind.

There was a drop in temperature after the rain.

Do you want to eat lunch with me, or go home?

Strong coffee kept her awake all night.

Lance blamed Polly for the project's failure.

Did you see that flash of lightning?

We're intimate friends.


He subscribed to Time magazine.

I've never worked this hard before.

When they are in danger, they run away.

How many prefectures does Japan have?

Vilhelm had reasons to be angry.

How long will it be before we cross the border?

I tried to forget.

Let's start over again.

I need to get over Angus.


I fear there aren't many people in the audience who have the same viewpoint.


What's Harv got?

It's both raining and blowing.

Steven scooted over so Kerry could sit down next to him.

Trying and I didn't discuss that.

I am afraid he will fail.

Tony didn't join us for lunch.

We don't need him.


The details of the agreement are set forth in the contract.


The dog growled at the strange man.


Would you like me to draw you a diagram?

I think I need both of these.

You should do that soon.

Don't be so condescending.

I got him to wash my car for a hundred dollars.

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Dan turned off the music.

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A boy was walking with his hands in his pockets.

His story cannot be true.

I'm sure you're going to enjoy it.

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He came here before school was over.


He was a very smart lawyer and politician.

The population of Japan is about 120 million.

It was a great pleasure for me to meet many associates of your company.

If we always get to the bottom of things, at one point we stay there.

I would like to know your origin.

Can you give me an explanation?

He sent you a book.

Tal asked me to help him put new frets on his guitar.

Blaine was already drinking his third beer before Siping had even finished her first.

Every door in the house is locked.

Who's in there now?

Do you work from six until eight?

Felix spoke softly.

The boy didn't reach his father's height of six feet.

It's time to make up your mind.

There's lighting right now.

That would be very sad.

That dress looks good on you, but it makes you look pregnant. Oh, no, not the figure; I meant the design.

They announced the engagement of their daughter.

Once, I got lost inside a tree.

Susanne can probably pull some strings for you and get you into that school.

Why are you telling us this now?

He made up his mind to be a fireman.

I was tired.

Why is it so important to be there today?


Do you want her there?

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Nothing seems real.

It isn't music.

I gave it a shot.


I think that would explain everything.

You should reckon with his obstinate character.

Put it back.

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I can't remember either.

Don't take me seriously. I'm only joking.

That fellow is a thorough fool.

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The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.

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Boyd was selected.


We were talking about Darren.

Your suggestion is of no practical use.

We'd usually solve this problem recursively, but the proposed solution uses an iterative algorithm.

She hid herself for fear of meeting the man.

Plastic surgery alone will not make you any less ugly.

I gripped your arm until it reddened.

How did you get to know each other?

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Pierce took out a magazine and began to read it.

Because of the snow, I couldn't see anything.

Leora promised that he wouldn't say anything.


I'm not making faces at them.

Let's all remember to be nice.

I can't get this thing to work.

A car drew up in front of my house.

You didn't have to tell Will to do that. He'd have done it anyway.

We tried to do something about it.

He seems young, but he's actually over 40 years old.


If he comes, what should I tell him?

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What are your memories?

Gregge was divorced.

The gulf between the haves and the have-nots grows ever wider, to Victorian levels, even.


This is the secret of true happiness.

Most of the Internet uses unfriendly language.

Polly was Jenine's first husband.

He is such an honest boy that he never tells a lie.

Can somebody open up a window, please?

He's the little brother I never had.

I did it many times.

I am already acquainted with that situation.

Marshall is not good enough.


I forgot that Taurus could read French.


Why couldn't you tell us that before?


Their losses reached one million yen.

The interviewer identifies his interviewees.

Starbuck died on Monday.

The cat eats.

Should I get a doctor?

We're going to try again.

The demand that I make of my reader is that he should devote his whole Life to reading my works.

Could you close the door, please?

Roxanne has been writing a cookbook.


It is hard to maintain one's reputation.


Marriage is out of the question.


I care about my friends.

He was heartbroken from unrequited love.

You'll be all right.

Presley said it was important.

Whoever shuts up when he notices he's wrong is wise.


He misled me.


I'm in a little bit of trouble.

I wish I'd kept my mouth shut.

The goods will be delivered free of charge.


Keep on the watch for anything to come.

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We can't just give up on Stanly.

Don't screw with me!

I should stay here.

How long do they wish to spend here?

Let's smoke this charas!

Tovah interrupted Merat before she could finish.

The burglars appear to have been surprised by the watchman.

Why is my bag empty?

The frightened boy's heart palpitated with terror.

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I didn't have to go.

Aliens are among us!

I succeed to the throne.


I'm glad to have had a great day with Luke yesterday after two very stressful days.

My uncle is slim, but my aunt is fat.

Working four days a week is great for errands.

Butler is the only one here who can play the guitar.

She ran her fingers through her hair.


I just got a raise.

She is certain to be surprised.

The line went dead.

Lucifer wasn't sure they'd let him stay on the team.

My first French teacher's name was Lorraine Jackson.

While waiting for bus, I was caught in a shower.

Damon swept the kitchen floor while Jeanette washed the dishes.

Have you ever done this before?

I don't think The likes Raif very much.

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I don't understand what Betty is doing here.

Jitendra saw something different than the rest of us did.

How much are these gloves?


Where does this desk go?

Tatoeba was sick and almost died.

Giovanni bought a blue tie for Joubert.

Jefferson's Bible gives us a preaching Jesus of distinctly human dimensions, without miracles or resurrection.

I think we make a good team.


The flowers perished from the frost.