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What kind of parents choose Treffos?

  • Parents who  recognise that a good education is the best gift you can give a child - a gift that last a lifetime.
  • Parents who want to be  as closely involved in their child's early education.
  • Parents who want a school to keep them well informed and respond promptly to any concerns they have.
  • Parents who believe the  young children  learn best  a school atmosphere  where everyone is valued, respected and supported  and where no one child or group is allowed to undermine the ethos of the school.

In short parents who choose Treffos are like most parents but there is one key difference - they are part of the 7% of parents who are prepared to make considerable financial sacrifice to provide an education which looks to the needs and development of the whole child in the most formative years.

They are not elitists, they take very seriously and with good reason  the dictum –give me the boy until seven and I will give you the man.

Our Philosophy (719) 490-9620 chessel

Education is in an important sense an end in itself, it is a process which develops the inner child and which brings forth their gifts and their talents. It is sometimes argued that requirements of the world of work should not impinge upon a pupils education. Of course this is true but it is widely accepted that the United Kingdom’s future lies in providing high value knowledge and services to a massive developing global economy and for the next generation to play their part effectively they will need a high level of knowledge, personal skills and a commitment to lifelong learning.

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At Treffos there is no school gate, no lip service to the views of parents; parents are the child’s first educators, parents have a wealth of expertise, skills and good will which we as educators would be foolish to ignore. Our aim is to run a school where parents feel welcomed and comfortable, a school which responds promptly to their concerns and seeks to forge a really effective partnership with parents. Treffos pupils, without doubt, get much more out of their time at Treffos because of the good will and support of parents. How do we build an effective relationship with parents? Primarily by keeping parents well informed, by responding to their concerns quickly, and in many other practical ways - for example:


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