A dictatorship means, by definition, one centre of power.

Lucifer looked in the cardboard box.

The Japanese public bathhouse was once used as a center of social life in one's neighborhood.

The reason both brothers gave for remaining bachelors was that they couldn't support both airplanes and a wife.

May I give you some advice?

Both girls laughed.

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Today, I had a lot of troubles.

You don't have to listen to what he says.

I asked him if I could read his book.


None of you are going to be fired.


Shit is happening.


I'm here to see the manager.


He is drawing.

What is the number?

She served the family for twenty years.


They have been struck by lightning three times.

That was going to be my next suggestion.

Today my horse is not behaving like he usually does.


In the Babylon 5 space station, G'Kar is a Narn ambassador.


We had to depend on trade.

She threatened to tell on me.

Jon had a look at Miki's house interior.

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Can we not talk about it, please?

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I like German doughnuts a lot.

I'll ask Sally to get you something to eat.

Curt can take a break.


She bit him.


Yeah, isn't that great?

We can't see anything.

Tammy had to listen to the whole story all over again.

Today, I plan to talk about the importance of sports in modern society.

Go now.

There are different expectations by the public.

Every time Roderick smiles at him, Olof feels happy.


It could have been me.


There's many a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip.

Larger pirates often preyed on unarmed merchant ships.

I don't want to be alone with Sassan.


He carried her bag.

That's a nice suit.

You will have to go without her.

The roses on exhibition are grouped together by colors.

Tanaka motioned to Michael to follow him.


Solidarity is a weapon.

Many politicians fail to keep their promises.

He's in charge of the department.

It was no mean feat to get the project done on time.

I was utterly disappointed by your performance today. You can make it much better, and everyone knows that well.

That's called true love.

Tell Kit I'm innocent.

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In order to learn from mistakes, we construct a "no blame" system.

I went to Ole's house after school.

Do you remember anything?


Zen priests beg for alms near Shinjuku station.

Rafael squashed the bug.

Maybe we can make it.

All the seats are booked.

They're not all criminals.

It was raining heavily when I got up this morning.

I'll pay double.

During the 60s and 70s, similar events occurred in Europe, although on a lesser scale.

I think we did a very good job.

I have to go to hospital.

I almost believe I could do that.

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He's not German, but Austrian.

Is Okayama a big city?

The weather is supposed to go downhill starting this afternoon.


It's been a long war.

They speak Spanish in Mexico.

Brendan boiled the well water so it would be safe to drink.

Turkeer knows exactly what Laurianne means.

Just tell Myron what you need.

He eats till he is full.

Were the sun to rise in the west, she would not change her resolution.


The roof leaks when it rains.

I don't want to be a burden to you.

"Do you know when they will arrive?" "At eleven-thirty this evening."

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He began with a joke.

You can easily tell that he is a genius.

She advised him to see a lawyer.

We go to school every day except Sunday.

They stopped talking.

Although Iran is nowadays known for being a stronghold of Shia Islam, most Persian Muslims were Sunni until the XVth century.

Susan is two years older than I am.


I hid in the woods all behind Ira's house.

I'm sure I left the door open.

The circulation of the newspaper is only one-third that of its competitor.


They sweated.

She set a new Japanese record in the 100 meter dash.

He loves a banquet, provided he is not expected to make a speech.

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We'll use energy sources such as the sun and wind.

Sometimes I can't understand what comes over you. I'd like to know that.

Go into the lab.


Please bring a chair and join us in the game.


That's what you think.

I can empathize with that.

Holly drummed with his fingers.

Sonja is a person I admire.

Today is a national holiday in Iceland.


Humor them.

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He is delighted with this book.


I think I did that.

I felt myself touched on the shoulder.

Not everyone has as much money as you do.

She groped for the light switch in the dark.

She must be severely punished.

Real couldn't say anything.

Mr. Suzuki is an outstanding scientist.

Stacy wished he were dead.

Beverly didn't pay me anything.

I have to fire Elias.

What do you think you're going to do?

I will kill this habit or die trying.

What did you major in?

He waited for his master.

I make 100 euros a day.


This is the best news we've heard so far.


I thought about that all day today.

Better wear out than rust out.

Piete is going to propose to Chip.

Cheese, butter, cream, yogurt and kefir are dairy products.

I've been busy this week.

Do you think this has something to do with what happened here last week?

Anderson followed the instructions.

You have changed so much that I can hardly recognize you.

"Mayo broke up with Bernard." "Is that a bad thing?"


Maybe we should talk to them.

I never mentioned it again.

The lodge rents by the day.

She is amiable to everybody.

I think that's called a sleep.

Rie has erroneous ideas.

Please light a candle.

The publication of the exam results over without incident, for the time being attention is naturally going to focus on the summer break, right?

I'm going to go to the movies.


I suggest that we leave now, Roxane.

Today's Frederic's birthday.

Do you want to get married?


The last wound proved fatal.

Let me do the cooking.

I ran for the governor.

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A paradigm is something you think about before you think about it.

Thanks a lot for all the things you've done for me.

We have to save him immediately.


She advised him to keep his promises.


I saw him fall.

He's a year and five months old, but he can't walk yet.

I have a big house.


I'm going to speak to you with utmost candor so I want you to take everything I'm about to say at face value.

I often read "Veja", but last week I read another magazine.

Ami called his wife to say he'd be late.


"Can you move over a bit?" "Yeah, sorry, I didn't realize I took up that much space."

She beat me. I had underestimated the power of a woman.

They wanted to escape on vacation.


What are you all dressed up for?


Write to me as soon as you get there.

I can't believe you're going to ask Guillermo to marry you.

He doesn't have any children, but other than that he's leading a happy life.