You can use this computer any time.

I need a new bicycle.


The children need adult supervision.


That is not the point in question.

Who left food on the table of the meeting room?

Let's not let that happen again.


Which do you like better, apples or bananas?

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When exactly did you see her?


Do you know what Donald wants?

Dale Jobin was a very well-known composer.

I like Occitan.

It's about time!

I will show you a new approach to foreign language learning.

He knows how to fight.

Choose such friends as will benefit you, they say. That is why I am on intimate terms with Mr Aoki.


After sunset, a thin mist appeared over the field.

Ning put on his helmet and then got on his motorcycle.

Let me ask you something, Leif. Do you think we really have a chance?


Manuel hurt his shoulder.


She borrowed a book from him many years ago and hasn't returned it yet.

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How do you know Curt didn't do what he was supposed to do?

Ignorance of the law is not accepted as a defence.

What I don't understand is why Hugh didn't stick around and help us.

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Manuel grew roses in his backyard.

Space travel will be commonplace some time in the future.

Jimmy often comes to see me on weekends.

Does Ann seem insane to you?

Kate is too honest a boy to tell a lie.


I'll be right up.

I think it would be a mistake to lend Emmett any money.

Juri hugged Shyam from behind.


I got him to stop smoking.

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Remember to buy all of the medicine.


Personally I'm always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught.

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What Leo did was incredible.

Liyuan told me that he didn't love Nicolo anymore.

Maybe Gene doesn't want to have a party.

He knows how to paint houses.

I wanted to wrap my arms around his neck.

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Ariel likes Ramanan very much.

Why didn't you tell us this before?

What do you love about the environment?

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Believe it or not, it came in pack of gum.

Now I'm really tired.

It was a sight to see.


Focusing on Luna, instead of Mars, may be easier for now, in the theme of colonization. Luna is much closer.

Estonia has its own national anthem.

He works for a telecommunications company.


Incidentally a motorway ramp is being constructed in the neighbourhood, a few hundred metres away, of my clinic.


Can I see that one?

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The comic books were piled on the desk.

Keep that ace up your sleeve. If you're going to show it, have another even further up.

She would not approve.

I had a hard time.

You'll look into it for us, won't you?


Klava envied Lyusya.


Audrey looks up to you.

We didn't get all that rain that they forecast.

We have a kid.

Why do you look so white?

It's still minor league but in the not so distant future they'll be coming to a place near you.

Every person is an individual.

I see you going by in front of my house every day.


I named my dog Rex.

Today's a bit warmer than usual, isn't it?

Who am I to criticize him?

Hitoshi attracted a crowd of children as soon as he started playing his bongos.

Are you a golfer?

If anyone can do it Bill can.

To leave is to die a little, but to die is to leave very much.

What makes you think I'm your friend?

Tracy peeked in the window and saw Kiki and John kissing.

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They spoke briefly.


Why do you care about him?

This is a fortune for us.

I think that you and I should probably be able to get along better.


Will you join me?

I've saved you a seat next to me.

I wanted to talk to you anyway.

You must never forget that.

Why are you complaining about your jeans being too tight? Why didn't you try them on before buying them?

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Your parents will never allow you to go.

Could I have that crayon, please?

Is a good pianist hiding out somewhere on Tatoeba?

I have a bad temper.

You're the guy who killed them.

Where do you usually go to get a haircut?

Do you really think I can do this?

You cannot hit your sister.

Are you learning Chinese?

I'd like to strangle him.

Can't you give me some advice?

Art spoke quickly.

Gilles unbuttoned his jacket.


Who is your brother?


I don't want her to be alone.

What's that disgusting smell?

Let's go if it's not raining.

It was pretty incredible.

Denis really should be doing this on his own.

Do you have much money with you?

I'll never forget the look on her face.

I'm too fat.

She didn't look pleased.

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We translated the novel from Japanese to English.

I hope there were some witnesses.

Guys, we need to talk.

Look for a bald and sweaty guy.

Where's your shoe's section?

Harmon sometimes rips off his customers.

Merril promised Claude to find a place where would be safe.


Pontus has silky smooth legs.

I would've liked to have been there.

He sold me the book for one thousand yen.


I've had my ups and downs, but I've always managed to pull myself together.


I want to try to work things out with Joyce.

My time is expensive because time is the most precious thing we have. But for learning languages, I always have the time. Because with each new word we learn, our world becomes a tad more interesting.

Dawn didn't try to resist.


My mother gets along with my aunt.


Ravindran often eats out on Monday nights.

They want sex, wealth and fame.

My family is my life.

The shipment was damaged by the rain.

The bullet glanced off the target.

Lunch is on you.

The moon is low in the sky tonight.

I must go back to my planet now.

The coach doesn't know who the tallest student is.

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Cathryn says he can get you what you want.

Ozan doesn't have as many friends as Beth does.

She praised her son.

Do you think we can find someone to replace Sumitro?

The Revolution is not an apple that falls from the tree when it is ripe; you have to make it fall.


We require much sleep.


It's American.


Has somebody a good idea?

How do you come to that conclusion?

The children were playing in the middle of the street.

This fact shows that the earth goes round the sun.

I told Blake to be quiet.

Darci brought Ronni a coffee.

Gerard always speaks in French.

According to one story, the money was round so that it could roll from place to place.

We'll scream.


It's not necessary for her to go there herself.

All of my friends like computer games.

Norma and Nathan are helicopter parents.

Are you really going to do that by yourself?

I built a house within a stone's throw of the forest.

The entire process of manufacturing this small car takes only six hours.

Your father will not buy it.

Janos is very busy at this time.

Best before 01/09/2010.

You've turned up at the right moment.

That is mine. I don't know where his is.


Amanda was hurt bad.


Sanjeev is smarter than most girls her age.